Quality control

Kindly read our Quality Control Terms so that you may better understand how our guidelines work.

All items are Vintage (Second hand or Used) and in perfect condition unless otherwise stated in the description.
All items are slightly worn, do not expect unworn condition on Vintage clothing, shoe's and accessories, most have been gently used.

If the item is Archive, this means that it's a highly collectible piece from a specific Designer and Collection Date. It could also be a runway look that makes it important to a collector or buyer and so we call it Archive.

Vintage can be something from 10-30 years ago or an item that could become future vintage.

Future Vintage is an item that we love from the past (10 years) to current seasons and we have put them on our website. 

Some items can be new dead stock or old dead stock and never worn, this will be indicated in our description.

Each item will be graded with a five-star system.

***** 5 stars Extraordinary Condition (perfect condition, Garment was well taken care of)
**** 4 stars Excellent Condition (lightly used and no stains or damages)
*** 3 stars Very Good Condition (slightly used with some damages mentioned in the description)
** 2 stars Good Condition (Used with visible damage due to age and wear)
* 1 star Fair Condition (Visible damage but still wearable, not in perfect state due to age and wear)

There might be minor imperfections due to age or use, most items have been lightly used and were well cared for by previous owners.
We will note flaws in each Item description if there are any.

All items have been inspected by our quality control team, and we strive for perfection. 

If the piece is extra special and it has some small stain or damage, we will present it on our website and will be at a lower price.

All items have been Dry Cleaned or Laundered by our professional team.

Some items may have had slight repairs (seams, hems, buttons, labels resewn, but have not been altered to fit a different size, other than what the original label states.

Be aware that a size 38 from 20 years ago is no longer the same size  38 from today (2021). Sizing also changes according to where the garment was produced. 

For example, a  size 44 Italian can be different from a size 44 French or 44 German. We list the size of where the Designer is from or where the garment was produced.

Sizing by Designer also can vary from clothes to shoes. We will provide precise measurements to help you find your correct size.

Please read the full description and follow our 5-star Quality Control system to determine the condition of each garment, we will not accept returns if you don’t follow our guide system.